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The popularity of laser hair removal is increasing day by day. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure has proved to be a convenient and non-invasive technique of reducing the rate of hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal Technique

This fantastic procedure has a precise duration time. It may vary from just a couple of minutes to a number of hours to perform. This depends a lot on the region of the body that is undergoing treatment. In most cases, lasers that use laser beams of lower energy are preferred. The obvious reason for this is to ensure that the patient doesn’t get burnt in the process. This laser beam becomes attracted to your hair pigment as it is passed through your skin. In order to disable the hair follicles lying deep under your skin layers, the energy is passed down your hair shafts in such a way that ensures that the follicles absorb it. These hair follicles that are in their active growth stage are thus slightly burnt which results in reducing their growth rate. Those in the dormant stage are left intact. This process may cause you slight pain.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

  • Minimal discomfort.
  • Has the ability to create a proper lining of your skin complexion and color making it uniformed.
  • The fact that it disables a number of hair follicles in one flash makes it suitable for treating larger areas.
  • No downtime.
  • Laser hair removal is a good replacement to bleaching, waxing, shaving and electrolysis.
  • This is a gentle and non-invasive methodology of removing unwanted hair from a good number of your body parts.

Laser Hair Removal Considerations

  • This procedure is an ongoing one and thus demands that you undergo multiple treatments due to the fact that the effect of the laser is only felt on actively growing hair. It is also a fact that not all hair follicles are active in the same period. Low laser energy is also utilized with the intention of avoiding potential risks of injury to the adjoining skin.
  • Patients may experience occasional slight skin reddening as well as mild swellings around their hair.
  • Any skin area exposed to direct sun light may require sunscreen.
  • The discrepancy between hair color and skin tone might lead to darker haired patients not responding well to the treatments.
  • White, gray or blonde hair also may not respond well to laser hair removal parramatta due to the fact that they contain only small amounts of pigment.

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