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Posted by audreytaylor on December 15th, 2013

Wooden furniture looks wonderful for years, if nicely crafted, and its durability and visual aspect is what makes people still cherish wooden antiques. However, the superb aspect of wood must be maintained throughout time with proper care. You can polish furniture yourself but for exceptional results, you should always choose French polishing London services.

In order to keep wood furniture look good for years, you need to perform regular cleaning and maintenance of each piece of furniture. If you want to retain the beautiful aspect of wood for years to come, you will have to dust your home daily, at the same time cleaning the surfaces which may have stains, or even repairing cracks in the wood. But while regular cleaning is something you can do yourself, repairing wood should be left in professionals’ hands. Companies who offer furniture repairs London can transform any old furniture, even antiques, in presentable woodcraft that you can use for years and they will still look good.

Some things, like repairs, may be out of your league, and if it’s an expensive piece of furniture – and wood pieces are usually very expensive – you can’t risk damaging it even more by making repairs yourself. Instead, you can ask for furniture repairs London from local experts, who can also offer French polishing London. Repairs can consist in varied activities, such as filling cracks, repairing damaged parts, consolidating the joints or even restoring the original color, at the same time providing French polishing London. Polishing is the last of these phases of restoring old furniture to a great look, but it will certainly make the difference in the end. If you want a perfect finish, then you must call professionals handle the polishing, for a complete and satisfying restoration.

The difference in the services you get from a furniture repairs London company and a DIY job is the quality that comes from the experience, and also the products used. We all know that wood cannot be treated rough or the signs will immediately show a poor job; instead, only gentle products must be used on wood. We can find some wood protection products on supermarket shelves but specialized restorers have better knowledge of what products can do best for a specific type of wood and know which products can provide the desired quality. A piece of furniture restored with poor products will shine for a while, but the effects will soon fade and the furniture will be prone to damage once again. Loss of color is also experienced if the wood isn’t treated with the right products.

Specialized furniture repairs London companies know what products to use to give wood furniture a great finish that will last for years. Also, they will have skilled specialists, experienced in working with different types of wood – manual skill and experience is very important in this job.  Specialists will first assess the condition of your furniture and then make suggestions on what can be made to transform old wood into beautiful and attractive furniture.

These two services will help you improve the décor and aspect of furniture in your home: furniture repairs London and French polishing London.

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