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Posted by sarahbulaiman on December 16th, 2013

RuneGuias am the creator of LG_ozParr, many have been asking me if it is true the rumors that take out the Eoc and return the old fight, which will create new servers where you can play different versions of the Runescape3 Gold, among other things like . The answer is "NO", none of this is confirmed, what is true is that we are listening Jagex, the ideas of the new servers, etc..

Mod Mark has created a thread on Runescape forums, cheap runescape gold where you ask for your opinion on runescape and recent updates and mentions some of the radical ideas that many players have, such as the new servers.Petition jagex new server without EocA few days ago an administrator of the Facebook page of runeguias, published a petition in which firms come together to reach a goal, in this case the creation of new servers where you can play without the eoc. This is simply a request to jagex, to see the dissatisfaction of many players for the launch of the EOC. rs gold This does not mean that if firms and firms that are achieved aims, take out new servers, this is just to get the attention of jagex and react.

Worldwide Developmag accordance cracked RuneScape artists Jagex is currently developing a new large-scale online games, the target year for the first time release of the new approach.Emerging knowledge in specific business BOSS Jeff Iddison Community Forum, which released through the use of market seminars. cheaprunescape 3gold Knowledge of the names will not be introduced, Iddison called "Nextscape, also referred to specific game" RuneScape "commercial enterprises also helps keep costs synchronization method, called on the participants' special contribution.Jagex, 2001, at the success of a particular work RuneScape inch change almost every week, there is no Jagex Iddison interests lie within the scope of things, but it is a building or."

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