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Posted by JamesMeadeLtd on December 16th, 2013

When it comes to shopping for the right clothes, be they men’s or women’s clothes, there are two very important factors that must always be kept in mind; comfort and affordability. For those with some sense for fashion, the third point, equally important as the rest, is style. Whatever you wear must portray and acute sense of style and, where possible, some sophistication, as well. During the winter season, there is a fourth point and here it is even more important than all of the other points; warmth. Everything you buy for winter must be able to keep you warm. That said, below is a list of some men’s clothing items that you must definitely have with you this winter.

- Men’s formal shirts: Regardless of whether or not you will be going to the office to work during this winter season, you definitely have to get some formal shirts. As mentioned before, the formal shirts that you buy must be warm and comfortable, and a good example of such a shirt is the double cuff shirt.

- Men’s formal trousers: To go with the formal shirts, you will also have to get yourself some men’s formal trousers. Choose trousers made from heavier materials as these are the ones guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable even on the coldest of winter days. The formal trousers are not just for work; there are many formal events that you may have to attend, and you simply can’t afford to do so without these. One of the best materials for men’s formal trousers is corduroy, which is pretty heavy but can also be worn casually.

- Men’s casual wear: it goes without saying that you will also have to stock up on more casual clothes. Again the clothes must be made of warm, comfortable materials. In this respect, two of the best materials for casual trousers are corduroy and jeans.

- Men’s evening shirts: Most companies hold their end of year parties somewhere within the winter season so you will probably be invited to at least one such event. For this, you will need to wear something special so ensure that your closet contains some warm men’s evening shirts.

- Men’s Outerwear: Sweaters, men’s gowns, overcoats and knitwears, are some of the most important items of men’s outerwear that you have to include in your closet this winter. You have so many options here and so it’s hard to go wrong. For instance, the merino slipover for men is available in 5 different colours, both dark and light.

- Men’s innerwear: When it comes to buying inner clothing items, there really isn’t much difference or deviation from what you normally wear during other seasons so you can comfortably go along with what you usually buy. That said, it is however, worth pointing out one specific item that should not be left out, even if you don’t normally wear it. This is the men’s vest, and it is important to have one for winter not only because it can be worn well with most shirts, formal and informal, but because it provides you extra warmth and comfort.

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