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Posted by vijayvinson on December 16th, 2013

Residential locksmiths are specialists servicing private properties, providing their owners with keys, locks and security systems. They manufacture, install, repair and maintain locking systems, being also able to legally break into someone's house, without using the original key to the house.

Usually, homeowners contact a residential locksmith when they remain locked out of their house and realize the keys are inside the house, or worse, lost. That is why the most common tools used by locksmiths are represented by lock picking tools. Lock picking is the procedure of unlocking a locked door without using the original key.

A regular set used for lock picking contains a snake rake, hook pick, key turner and tension wrench. The snake rake is a tool that allows the locksmith to pick pins very easily, the hook pick is a hard and curved tool designed to break into a rough surface, the key turner is a long bar that helps the locksmith open blocked doors and the tension wrench is an L-shaped tool that uses its tortion capability to hold pins in position.

Another set of tools used by any professional residential locksmith is the rekeying kit that contains all the necessary tools that enable locksmiths to remove the old lock cylinder and create a new one. Generally, a rekeying kit comes with several precut keys, specific locks designed for unusual pins and tumbler cylinders, and re-key tools.

Rekeying kits prove their effectiveness when a new lock installation is in order, usually when homeowners forget or lose the keys to their house. Also, kits like this are beneficial anytime owners want to rekey their lockset. With a rekeying kit, a professional locksmith is able to rekey an old cylinder in less than a minute.

But all of these tools would not be 100% effective, if there were not for screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are hand tools for turning locksmith supplies, such as deadbolts or screws. With their help, locksmiths apply torque to screws, rotating them in the direction they want. Screwdrivers are available in a number of sizes and shapes.

For a new lock installation, locksmiths use supplies as well, not only tools. Some of the most popular supplies refer to socket drive bits, hex wobble adapters, spline fasteners, hollow tip torques, clutch bits, hook hanging bits, and other tools meant to give locksmiths full access to a locked door.

These are some of the most common tools and supplies that every professional locksmith should carry with him. With these tools’ help, locksmiths install new locking systems, replace old security devices, maintain existing locks, and legally give access to homes and cars, whose owners have forgotten or lost their keys.

Looking for a reliable residential locksmith to provide you with a new locking system? Our specialists can deliver anything in terms of locksmithing, from new lock installation and sophisticated repairs to your locks, to easy, safe and legal breaking into your home or car, in case you have forgotten or lost your keys. We are found in Southampton, PA 18966 and serve about 30 miles radius.

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