Tips for Getting out of the Bunker

Posted by golflounge on September 21st, 2020

The bunker is one of the main parts of the golf course that can really put a golfer’s overall game on the verge of a nervous breakdown. On the course, there are thousands of bunkers out there, and if you don’t know how to get out of them, you can’t have a good time playing on the Minigolf Hamburg.

Luckily, there are many techniques and tricks for getting out of them within a short amount of time, and the ones below are definitely going to be of great help.

Make sure that when you go on your backswing that your arms are extended successfully. Usually, golfers would drag the club across the sand, and that’s usually something that many scorekeepers penalize.

To keep those kinds of scorekeepers away from penalizing you, try to really extend that backswing nice and strong so that when you hit the ball, you do it successfully. The backswing is where the power for the shot comes from, so be wary when you get into your backswing.

After the backswing, the most important part is the swoop, which I will be explaining below, and that swoop is more of a practicing type of thing and something you won’t do right or learn right away.

My old golf coach once told me to swoop the ball as if it was like a cake. So, if you were to swoop up a cake, the ball would be the cherry and the sand would be the middle of the cake. The next time you get the chance to practice in the bunker, really try to swoop the ball as much as possible as if it were really a cake.

The swoop technique is all about practice, and what’s nice is that it’s not just an exercise, but it’s something that you’ll actually be doing the next time you get stuck in the bunker.

Once you reach the top of the maximum of your backswing, make sure that you accelerate your arms down into the sand and starting the swoop. The speed needs to be fast, quick, and only straightforward.

You need to push through successfully so that your ball goes the required distance in order to reach the green, or at least get closer to it. With the right speed, you’ll be able to push the club thoroughly on your downswing and successfully bring the ball out of the bunker.

The bunker is one tough place to beat, and though it is hard to succeed, you need to remember that practice is the only way to beat the bunker. Try to really practice the swooping technique and adding the speed at the bottom. The three tips above all come together in some way.

Make sure to first have a great extension, accelerate the downswing, and then swoop it up. It’s a very easy process that’s all about practice and training. Most people work extremely hard on this aspect, and they do their best to practice those three aspects as much as possible. Do them often; results will definitely be visible soon. If you enjoyed reading this article please visit my golf website at

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