Types of Real Hair Extensions and Their Origins

Posted by Kapellohairuk on December 19th, 2013

When looking for the highest quality of hair extension products available on the market today you will want to invest in real human hair. This includes Remy Hair Extensions, Non-Remy Hair Extensions and Virgin Hair Extensions. Real hair extensions are much easier to maintain and offer more options for those having them installed in their hair versus the cheaper, synthetic versions of hair extensions that have recently flooded the hair extension market over the past several years.

Real hair extensions also act and look like your natural hair, offering you the ability to style it just as you would your real hair. You are also required to care for them just as you would you natural hair. Some real hair extensions can last as long as six months, even longer if they are properly managed and taken care of. The origins of most real hair extensions come from a variety of sources including European hair extensions, Indian hair extensions and Asian hair extension.

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Extensions are 100 per cent real human hair extensions taken from several donors and are created using only the highest graded real human hair in the industry. The colour is matched as closely as possible to create a natural finish that can be achieved using highlights or not using highlights. The hair is gathered in a way to assure that all the hair extensions are positioned facing the same direction. This adds life, shine and moisture to the finished product.

Non-Remy Hair Extension

An affordable option to Remy Hair Extension products on the market today is the Non-Remy Hair Extensions. This also is real human hair, however it can contain hair that has fallen or shed from the donor. The product is sometimes chemically treated to help produce a better product. Sometimes there are even silicone coatings added to finished product to give it a more natural looking sheen to the hair extensions. The life of a Non-Remy hair extension product is not going to last as long as a Remy Hair Extension product which means that many of the top hair stylists and professional salons will avoid using this product for their clients.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Obtained from a single human donor during one cutting, Virgin Hair Extension products are commonly sold in their natural state and never treated in any way, shape or form. They are extremely expensive, but they work and look as close as real hair would brought together with your natural hair as they can be brushed, styled, dyed and even permed. Due to the fact that they are not treated, you will want to make sure that the source of the Virgin Hair extension products can be trusted not to have any issues such has lice, insect infestation, or other issues.

If you are seeking further information about the different types of real hair extension products available on the market today, contact Kapello Hair. They are one the leading experts here in the UK in dealing with hair extensions and hair extension aftercare products and tools.

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