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Posted by BobRothman on December 19th, 2013

It’s not every day that someone at the top of his game will take the time to share his secrets to success with anyone on the internet. Well that’s exactly what Bob Rothman is proposing to do right now for a short period of time. Bob was one of the best professional gamblers in the horse racing industry before the bookies decided that they would no longer allow him to place bets on horses. Bob has been beating the odds for more than 20 years, turning his passion into his profession. He has honed his skills like no one else in the industry, but now he can no longer do what he loves doing.

Bob has survived in this industry not by luck or guessing correctly every time. Instead, he has a proven methodology that has earned him a lot of money over the 20 year span that he has spent being a professional gambler. Bob hasn’t denied the fact that bookies no longer accept his money. In fact, Bob relishes the fact that these guys are so afraid of his success that they would go to the extent of banning him from their industry. Bob knows that there is no one else in the horse racing industry that can pick winners like him. All he wants is the opportunity to continue to do what he loves, without fear that his name will be frowned upon in the industry.

There really isn’t anything that Bob does that’s special or top-secret. All Bob has done is select winners. It’s really that simple for him. He has a dedicated team of tipsters working at the tracks, keeping an eye on the horses, the jockeys, everything that is involved at the tracks. If you have ever thought about placing bets at the horse tracks or you have run into a fortune of bad luck perhaps you will want to get in touch with Bob and see what he can do for you. Call his office now to speak with a real person, someone who understands your excitement or your frustration and ask whatever you want about the services Bob offers. You can reach Bob by telephone on 01932 869400 or you can click here to check out his website online.

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Bob Rothman is a professional gambler. Since his school days, he was found attracted to horse racing and always wanted to be a professional gambler. He created Horse Racing Tips Service and running it successfully. For him tipping is a lot different from betting. Bob Rothman has made a lot of profit in his career. His maximum tips for his client have been success and all of his clients are gaining a lot by his service.

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