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Posted by BobRothman on December 19th, 2013

Bob Rothman didn’t start out being a winner at the horse tracks. However, Bob never gave up on his passion which is the main reason why he is has become one of the most successful professional horse racing gamblers of our time. He is so successful that many of the top professional bookmakers will no longer accept his money anymore because they know at the end of the day they are going to be paying out a lot more money than they are taking in. The good news is that Bob has not let this news discourage him. He has taken to the internet creating www., a website dedicated to helping others become winner just like Bob did over 20 years ago.

By taking to the internet with his knowledge and skill for picking winners at the horse race tracks, Bob has decided to share with others his true passion for the sport. Bob knows that not every horse he picks is going to cross the finish line first. However, Bob has a proven approach to selecting horses that are winners. He learned his skill from one of the top professional gamblers in the UK. He also has a dedicated team of tipsters that only he knows. If you have found yourself struggling at the horse tracks and just can’t break out of your slump, perhaps you should consider contacting Bob to see what he can do for you.

Bob is not only good at picking winners at the horse tracks. He is also good at picking winners at life. This is why his team of tipsters are not just paid informers, they are part of a winning group that everyone wants to be associated with. Bob understands that bookmakers have placed him on the infamous “blacklist” which is why he is always looking for those in the horse racing industry to join forces with him to become a winner. The idea is quite simple. You place the bets on the tips that Bob gives and you become a winner. Bob is so good at picking the winners at the tracks that he is almost certain that he can turn anyone into a winner. The best part is that you get to keep your winnings. Bob’s fees are very small considering the amount of information he is delivering to you. For more information about Bob Rothman and his professional services contact him today by clicking here or by telephone on 01932 869400.

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Bob Rothman is a professional gambler. Since his school days, he was found attracted to horse racing and always wanted to be a professional gambler. He created Horse Racing Tips Service and running it successfully. For him tipping is a lot different from betting. Bob Rothman has made a lot of profit in his career. His maximum tips for his client have been success and all of his clients are gaining a lot by his service.

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