'50 Shades of Grey' Insider Spills Juicy Details of First Day on Set

Posted by FiftyShades on December 19th, 2013

We have heard of the saying ‘morning shows the day’ and if that is anything to go by, we have a lot to look forward to in the ‘The Movie Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie adaptation. The first scene shot in a coffee shop outside the purported building housing the Grey Enterprises, the telecom company owned by the self-made billionaire Christian Grey, showed the protagonists enjoying coffee in an informal setting while exchanging the contract. Hence, Sam Taylor-Johnson concluded the shooting of the crucial ‘contract scene’ on the very first leg of the production of the movie based on the BDSM inspired novel by Erica James. Though the cafe owner found the actors in high spirits, he had to supply at least 44 cups of lattes to make the scene as impeccable as it can be.

And at the end of the day, the entire cast and crew of the 50 shades movie was seen enjoying the 44 cups of lattes, and given that the weather was cold indeed, no one seemed to complain. Sam Taylor-Johnson is such a director, who demands each scene be etched in the best possible manner and hence it was in accordance to her wishes that the cafe owner had to supply 44 cups of lattes in between the shots and the actors to get the shot right. And later when Dakota Johnson (as Anastasia Steele) leaves the cafe and plants a kiss on the cheek of her equally good looking co-star, Jamie Dornan (as Christian Grey), his look of confusion is caught brilliantly by this director.

The director has been a part of this project since its inception and when the first day of the shoot ends on such a note of success, it marks a remarkable achievement for the director and the crew alike. But now that the shooting has finally started, many fans can finally heave a sigh of relief because it means that the movie fifty shades would eventually release on the projected date of 13th February 2015. The date is a long way to go, but the flicker of hope has not died down. Though not a love story in the classical sense, it will still be a movie to look forward to by couples in the Valentine’s Day weekend 2015. 

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