Charlie Hunnam thinks Jamie Dornan will 'do a great job' in Fifty Shades of Grey

Posted by FiftyShades on December 19th, 2013

It truly takes a man to praise another man. And in that department, if you are a fan of Charlie Hunnam, you will be a proud one! The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ actor has broken his silence on the entire episode of walking out of the 50 shades of grey  movie adaptation of the erotic novel by E.L. James and talked openly and generously about his replacement Jamie Dornan. The actor has openly admitted that though he is not aware of the filmography or the acting prowess of his replacement, Jamie Dornan, he sure hopes that the Irish actor does justice to this complicated role. Moreover, he has come out in open support of the director, Sam Taylor-Johnson and has said that he has complete faith on the aesthetics of the director, and is sure that her choice, Jamie Dornan would prove to be fruitful for the enterprise. 

The actor has also said that he thinks Jamie Dornan is the perfect choice for Christian Grey in 50 shades of grey movie  and we agree too, given that the latter is a former underwear model and in this film too, we would be seeing a lot of him in underwear, or not. When it comes to the casting choices, Charlie Hunnam was chosen to play the part first, but had to drop out due to his continuing involvement with the television series that rocketed him to fame. The man has loyalty too, women! But one man’s loss is certainly another man’s gain. And that is what happened to Jamie Dornan to! The actor has praised his predecessor of letting go of this opportunity because it gave him the chance to land the role of a lifetime!

Though the very first reaction that Jamie Dornan felt was ‘slight fear’, yet he could not rule out feeling excited too about being part of this venture, which has been hogging the headlines and the limelight ever since Erica James wrote the sinfully delicious novel about the BDSM fantasies of a rich spoilt boy. Jamie Dornan hit the bulls eye hard when he said that he being cast as the new Christian Grey will not guarantee the movie a success, and neither will he be able to serve and appease everyone, but the least he can do is put in all his efforts, (and the smouldering good looks and the chiselled body) to make the character as immortal on screen, as he is on paper, already.

The news doing the grapevine is that Charlie Hunnam gave the film a miss because of another reason. And that reason is, avoiding to be typecast as a fan fiction actor. It is not unknown that ‘The Movie Fifty Shades ‘ started as Twilight fan fiction and like Robert Pattinson has been typecast as the vampire Edward Cullen, Charlie Hunnam did not want to be, as the S & M loving billionaire, Christian Grey. And hence the decision to move out while you still have time! 

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