Women are no Longer Waiting for Men to buy them Diamonds

Posted by diamondrocksuk on December 19th, 2013

Diamonds have longed been one of the most treasured things here on earth. From the most powerful rulers of centuries ago to the highest monarchs and politicians of our time, diamonds still have that mystical beauty and glory that people long for. It has become a custom in recent times that men usually gift diamonds to women, especially during the holiday gift giving season. One of the busiest times of the year for jewellery stores throughout the world happens to be the weeks and days leading up to Christmas. This year, though, women are starting to flip the script so to speak by stepping out and giving the gift of diamonds to themselves instead of waiting for a man to buy it for them. 

Women love buying gifts for others so why wouldn’t they decide for themselves what they want when it comes to jewellery. Buying gifts makes a woman happy, and what is more desirable than being able to walk into a jewellery store and purchase an intriguing piece of gemstone or diamond jewellery that will help express what she is feeling or perhaps reveal a mysterious side of herself that otherwise would be kept hidden from the public. In the past a woman may have felt as though it wasn’t her place to go out and purchase a piece of jewellery for herself. She would have felt as though she wasn’t allowing her partner to go out and find the perfect piece for her or that she didn’t have someone who cared enough for her to do so. 

In today’s society, women no longer process information the same as they did 50 years ago. Today, if a woman wants something she goes out and gets it. This includes high fashion diamond jewellery pieces this holiday season. No longer does the contemporary woman have to sit around at home hoping and praying that her husband or boyfriend will come home and sweep her off her feet with the perfect diamond. The independent, modern woman today is stepping out and buying that sparkling diamond that she so rightfully deserves. It’s not like she would expect a man to go out and pick out the perfect cocktail dress for her!

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This article is written by Vineet Khandelwal, who represents Diamond Rocks. Diamond Rocks is based in the heart of the UK jewellery industry, Hatton Garden, London. Diamond Rocks have an extensive range of high quality contemporary jewellery, antique diamond rings, loose diamonds, designer diamond jewellery and art deco rings with over 1,500 items of jewellery in stock.

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