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Posted by donaldmiller on December 19th, 2013

So someone told you that link building outsource is not required and you can save those hundreds of dollars every month to get your website ranked high on Google. I wish you good luck if you actually listened to them. Of course, they would’ve shown you that it’s rather easy to do, link building. But are you sure you have that technical capability or the time to engage in full time link building for your website? I have a better solution for you – think hard about link building outsource.

Link building is all about networking in the online space. To give you an example – you get in touch with someone that has a website and together you decide to swap links. This means that your website has a link to your friend’s website and vice-versa. Easy, isn’t it? But the fact is far from this easy. The first thing Google is going to check is whether the two websites (being discussed here) are related or not. If not then you can forget about that high page rank. Link building is much more than link exchange. When you network for link building you need to network with similar websites. And this is what an SEO expert can do for you.

Of course, there are SEO experts that still follow those age old methods of link building. I’m not asking you to pay money to them for link building. You will end up harming your online presence. Paid links are a thing of the past and if an SEO expert still buys those links for you then you can ask them to go. The focus for Google at present is natural links and paid links are not considered natural links. Otherwise every website will rank No. 1 on Google and this is an impossible scenario.

When you opt for link building outsource your SEO partner works on multiple things at the same time. The networking element is, of course, there but there are other elements like keyword optimization and content development. Like you every other website wants to link with a quality website and if your keywords don’t perform well or if no one wants to read your content no website would link to link back to you.

After keyword analysis and optimization is done and the content is refreshed you will see people coming into your website. Your SEO partner will also engage in social media marketing, article marketing and blog marketing and other activities like tagging and bookmarking and all this will together ensure that everyone starts talking about your website. This is when you won’t even need to think about building links. Everyone will want to link to your website.

So, as you can see, link building is more than just doing some things yourself. You need an expert for this job, if you are serious about e-commerce that is. Think about link building outsource and act upon it now. The earlier you start the better are the results going to be.

Link building outsource is something you cannot ignore if you want SEO results. Also please view our SEO Christmas offer that we have for all webmasters this year!

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