Black hat link building service ? forever no-no?

Posted by donaldmiller on December 19th, 2013

Black hat link building service is a rather lucrative proposition and there are many websites that fall prey to it. Black hat SEO can be termed as unethical SEO, something that is against the whole concept of Search Engine Optimization. If you find a website that has gained a very high page rank in no time you may find that black hat SEO has a role to play in it. I'm not generalizing here but there are many website owners that use such tactics and gain huge traffic in no time.

So why not use a black hat link building service when the gains are to be had so fast? For fly by night websites this form of link building may work but if you want a website of repute, something that will do business for a long time then say no to this form of link building. Google is very intelligent and so are the other top search engines and no black hat SEO technique can remain hidden for long. And once caught the website would be heavily penalized and even banished from search engine indexes. To put it plainly such websites will not show in SERPs.

What are some of the most used black hat link building strategies in use? I've listed down some of the most common ones.

Guest posting

Guest posting is where someone visits a blog and leaves a post. However, links are inserted in these posts and they have no relevance to the blog. This is one integral part of technique black hat link building service.

Spam comments

There are thousands of websites where one can leave comments. You visit a product page on some of the online shopping websites and you will find customer comments in the comments section. In between legitimate comments you will come across those that have nothing to do with the product. You will either find a contact number typed or a link. Comments are easy to write and many spammers do this.

Link farms

This is, by far, the most oft used black hat link building service. Link farms are websites that are created to produce links for other websites. If you look at one of the well done link farm websites you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that these sites are for real. However, red flags against such websites are frequently raised by Google and they are penalized. Needless to say – those sites that are linked with these link farms also don’t escape punishment.

If you use a black hat link building service you would be taking a huge risk. It takes years for someone to build their reputation in the market and a moment to lose it. The moment you get caught the whole world will come to know. And when there are so many ethical ways of building natural links where is the need for such tactics? You may need to be patient but the fruits of your time and effort, when they arrive, will be nice and juicy.

Black hat link building service is still rampant but Google is sure cracking down hard on such services. A great offer this Christmas – get 25% Bonus Links for Christmas!

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