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Posted by Swathi on September 21st, 2020

For all you shopaholics out there, I’m sure you have a list of places in Europe that you would visit just to do shopping. Whether you are keeping an eye out for souvenirs, luxury shopping, or label hunting, Europe has plenty of options for anyone who visits. Starting from Paris, Milan, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Barcelona there are so many cities that can put a hole in your pocket. These cities will just call out to you, and no matter which colony or street you visit there will surely be a boutique or a fashion label staring at you asking you to spend your dime on it. But have you ever wondered how it would be to find out that there are so many more undiscovered and underrated shopping destinations in Europe? Here is a curated list of cities that will satisfy the shopaholic in you. 

1. Stockholm - Swedish fashion bloggers are on the high ride now due to their unique and unseen fashion methods and the knitwear brands these days are bringing in a different type of energy in the fashion industry as well. This city has very cool and calm centres whereas its square is what draws all the shopaholics towards it. The Nytorget Square comes alive with quirky clothes, jewellery, secondhand commodities and so much more. The square of South Folkungagatan is not only home to a lot of labels, but cute chic cafes and restaurants where you can spend your entire day shopping. 

2. Moscow - Surprising Russia is on the rise of turning heads and attention towards the work of youthful, aesthetic, and vibrant designers. Get on with Moscow’s trendy vibe of street style fashion brought alive by Anastasia Dokuchaeva and Roma Uvarov. Don’t miss an all in one boutique that has a collection of all of eastern Europe inside at  INDEX flat. There are a lot of shopping centres that are very lowkey here but are too good to be true on many levels of fashion. If you visit Moscow, be sure to check out these shopping hotspots. 

3. Amsterdam - Home to the only institution that is solely to flaunt fabric- Jean School, Amsterdam answers all your prayers if you love to shop since your best bet would be to head over to the Jordaan district. This place is made up of 9 streets, three-by-three-blocks, and of course the canals. This is where you can find anything from antique and vintage shops to handmade jewellery and even beautiful art galleries. This street is your all in one bohemian district that will keep you on your feet all day long. So, be sure to carry a cup of coffee on the go from the cafes here.

4. Vienna - as famous as this city is, fashion therapy falls under the radar. Vienna surprisingly has given birth to a lot of womenswear labels, upscale boutiques, and thrift stores as well. If you want to go on the longest shopping spree then head over to Mariahilfer Straße and don’t miss out on the Rochus market or the line of boutiques, stores, active bars, and cute cafes around this area. Every penny you shell out here will be worth it!

5. Antwerp - the second largest city in Belgium makes a strong ground on fashion entirely due to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and it’s a highly talked about fashion program that has given birth to a lot of young and creative minds. These young minds have been the roots of evolution since the mid-80s. You can even give yourself a chance to learn about fashion in the fashion museum, proceed to the district of Kammenstraat for some intense shopping spree, and can also step in and spend lavishly on the designers’ wear here. If you’re keeping an eye for some European labels then be sure to visit the- STAY.

6. Lisbon - even though it's one of the hottest places in Europe to visit, you will find the most authentic set of shopping stores throughout the cobblestone streets here in Lisbon. It’s very famous for cheap shopping starting with just 88 cents or even a dollar. If you fancy cute slippers or sandals, head over to Sapataria do Carmo, and for an authentic statement, try Landor. 

Ibiza, warsaw, Rigs, Verona, Budapest, and even Helsinki are very underrated as shopping cities across Europe. But that being said, it's the memories and the souvenirs that matter the most when you unpack at home. So be sure to get yourself a customized Europe tour and shop your heart out! You only live once right?!


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