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Posted by donaldmiller on December 19th, 2013

Most website owners find SEO a boring and cumbersome job. The ultimate objective is to rank high on SERPs. But the amount of effort that one has to put in for this is enormous. After all there are more than a few billion websites and although not each of them is a competitor there are bound to be more than a handful of competitors. Without SEO it is practically impossible to make a mark in the online space. And for SEO to work one has to have a robust link building strategy.

The problem with most link building strategies is that they are planned keeping Google in mind. Google has its search guidelines and most SEO companies plan their SEO strategy basis these guidelines. What most webmasters and SEO companies don’t realize is that Google’s guidelines are made to ensure that the users of the internet, humans that is, are benefited. Google wants people to get value when they visit a website and this is at the core of its SEO guidelines.

What this translates into is – a link building strategy should be planned keeping humans in mind and not Google. If someone engages in link farming or buys paid links from unrelated websites or uses guest blogging to insert links into the comments section they essential try and fool their human visitors. And Google sees red every time it catches someone doing this. Hence, for any SEO strategy there are some basic guidelines that have to be followed.

Quality – For any link building strategy quality has to be kept in mind. This means that links shouldn’t be paid links or they shouldn’t be created through spam. If a website links to you it should be a related website or a well known website. Quality also has to come into the website content and any content that is published in the form of articles and blogs.

Worthwhile – When someone visits your website they should get their time’s worth. This can only happen when they reach the correct website and find access to the correct content. This will only happen when ethical SEO is done and link building is done in the right manner.

Innovative – Innovation should be at the core of any link building strategy. Innovation could include reverse guest blogging, linker outreach, competitor backlink analysis and fixing outdated content and broken links and so on. There are hundreds of such innovative tools and techniques that any reputed SEO company should be aware of.

Since most websites use SEO partners it is important that they choose someone ethical and knowledgeable. Ethical SEO is required because you don’t want Google to feel that your website has a hanky-panky link building strategy. Knowledge is required because one should be able to predict Google updates and keep websites ready. If an SEO strategy is built for the future and change of scale that is when the full value of the endeavor is realized. People spend good money on SEO and getting things right is how they get returns.

If your link building strategy can be done looking at the upcoming SEO scenario you will benefit in the long term. A great offer this Christmas – get 25% Bonus Links for Christmas!

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