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Posted by donaldmiller on December 20th, 2013

Using blogs for link building has been a practice for quite some time now. Blogging is an activity that is enjoyed by many and when the blog is good readers rather prefer visiting and reading through each new content that is posted. It’s but obvious that link building services will use blogs for building links for your website. So, how does it work anyway?

When you hire one of the link building services and they offer blogging as one of the ways to build links for your website you can rest assured that they have some fine writers in their team.

Blogging is an art. If someone posts a blog that is a direct sales pitch it’s the easiest way to drive traffic away. If there is something that people hate it is sales pitch and blogs with direct sales pitches have seldom been successful. The product or service has to be new and exceptional.

What the link building services do is create informative and interesting blogs. If their client is in the business of selling detergents they will create blogs that talk about using detergents the right way and ways of choosing the right detergent for carpet cleaning and so on. And in that blog will be a link to their client website. It is but obvious that when people would read and love the blog they would be more likely to click the link. And the advantage of such a link is that the website will get targeted audience.

Guest blogging is another interesting concept that is doing the rounds now. But again, if someone writes a guest blog with the sole intention of getting backlinks they are bound to be frowned upon by Google. As far as the readers are concerned they are hardly likely to click the link. So, guest blogging also needs to be done in a well thought out way so that people love the blog and follow the link as a result.

The other area that should never be explored is inserting links in the comments section. This angers Google, the online readers as well as the blog owner. The result is more harm than good.

Relevance and relation are two points to be considered in blogging. This applies to guest blogging or when someone uses their own blog. Content is at the core of this activity and one also needs to blog constantly. Most businesses don’t have the time and resources to constantly blog so you have the need for link building services.

Everyone wants to be linked to other websites but that doesn’t mean you respond to mails from other webmasters where they request to place a link to your website on their website. Google goes berserk the moment it feels that a link is not natural or is unrelated. Choose from the best link building services so that you have the links built for you in the way Google loves. And this can be best done by using blogs in the best way.

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