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Posted by Lascolinascancercenter on December 21st, 2013

There are many clinics present in Texas which provide the best cancer treatments. Below are some of the services provided by well renowned cancer centers in Texas:

Mammosite Therapy

This therapy is used for patients suffering from breast cancer at the initial stage. In this process, a tiny balloon is kept over the cancerous tumor cavity. The balloon is expanded, over a period of time allowing radiation, to hit the site. It is a very quick and easy procedure, which takes about ten minutes twice a day. Within five days, the process is completed.


One of the most common cures for cancer is chemotherapy. It kills cancer cells with the help of drugs which are injected in the body but, unfortunately it also has some side effects. It could result in loss of hair and cause some hormonal changes. Cancer centers in Texas deliver the best care possible to their patients including emotional support.

Prostate Seed Implants

In this process tiny seeds are placed near the prostate cancer tumors. Energy is radiated in the seeds, and the energy is transferred to the tumor destroying the infected cells. The complete process takes about one hour, and after that the patient is free to go his home with his family member. The best part of using such a technique is that a person can resume his normal routine within a day or two.

Radiation therapy

There are two types of radiation therapy. One is radiation therapy with intensity modulated radiation and radiation therapy with image guided radiation. In modulated radiation, thin beams of radiation are projected to the target location in a three-dimensional pattern. Image guided radiation therapy is combined with intensity modulated therapy resulting in the best therapy when combined.

Modern techniques and treatments are available in Texas. The best Texas cancer treatment centers can help with both diagnosing and treating all types of cancer.

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The Las Colinas Cancer Center is located on the service road of HWY 161 and Las Colinas Boulevard near the Regions Bank. We are located just across the Highway from the Las Colinas Medical Center. We designed the Las Colinas Cancer Center with our patients in mind. From our comfortable waiting room that offers gourmet coffee to our ample and convenient free parking, we try to focus on our patients and their family members every step of the way. Our experienced and trained medical staffs is attentive to detail and our center offers the most advanced cancer fighting technology available in North Texas including on-site PET & CT Scanning. The physicians on staff at our Las Colinas location are Dr. Gregory Echt, Dr. Neeraja Dasari, Dr. James Mackey, and Dr. Kiran Kancharla.

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