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Posted by johnssmith00 on December 21st, 2013

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something without which no website can get the kind of traffic it would love to. When someone spends time and money on the design, development and upload of their e-commerce website they have certain expectations in mind. The primary objective is to open up a new revenue channel through this online channel of business. But how can a website generate revenue when people don't even know about it? This job of marketing a website is done through Search Engine Optimization Detroit. SEO Detroit is a set of tools and techniques for getting a high page rank for a website. A high page rank would mean higher visibility in online searches and this would subsequently lead to more generation of traffic.

Are there websites that can run without SEO? Yes, when someone achieves the ranks of Google, Yahoo, MSN and some of the other most popular websites in the world. For new or lesser known websites SEO is a must and they simply cannot survive without it. While Search Engine Optimization Detroit is a huge topic below I've tried to summarize how it's done. After you understand what SEO is all about you will have the next challenge of finding an SEO Detroit company of repute.

When someone searches in Google they type in keywords. Websites that correspond to the typed keywords are displayed in search results. Google has a concept called PageRank where a score is assigned to all websites. So, for websites that correspond to the same keywords the one with higher PageRank scores get displayed on top of the search engine results pages. This is important because latest data shows that those websites that are ranked no. 1 on Google SERPs enjoy almost 50% of all clicks for their particular searches. When you hire a company involved in Search Engine Optimization Detroit you hire someone that would improve the PageRank score of your website.

While many SEO Detroit companies would speak about link building, it is very important, you must still bear in mind that all SEO strategies will fail if you don't have proper content for your website. Content is the king in SEO and proper and updated content is the best way to attract people and keep them on your website. And the more time people spend on your website the better are your chances of selling. So, when you search for a Search Engine Optimization Detroit company you should look at someone that has professional content writers working for them.

Link building is also important and any SEO Detroit company will tell you so. There are some very easy ways to build links but ever since Google started cracking down on SEO link building practices there has been a massive change in the way this is done. Today link building is all about ethical SEO where quality matters much more than quantity.

There are other strategies that Search Engine Optimization Detroit companies employ to good effect. A professional SEO Detroit company will explain all to you.

Higher PageRank score on Google is possible through Search Engine Optimization Detroit. With SEO Detroit it is possible to generate revenues through your e-commerce website.

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