How to arrangement Italian living room furniture?

Posted by hw on September 22nd, 2020

The living room is not only the facade of our home, but also a place for our family to gather, chat, and receive guests. Therefore, when placing furniture in the living room, in addition to aesthetics, effects should also be considered. In fact, the design of furniture is in many ways to create a new living environment suitable for people to work, live and relax. The placement of Italian-style living room furniture is closely related to our life experience. Let's take a look at how the Italian-style living room furniture should be placed.

 High Gloss Italian Elegant Style Classic Living Room Furniture With Solid Wood Chair 0072

Make the "facade" of the home more beautiful-an introduction to the arrangement of Italian style living room furniture

Italian-style living room furniture generally includes sofas, coffee tables, TV cabinets, counters, corners, etc., Italian-style living room furniture placement skills:

1. Positioning: Since the living rooms of most families are relatively large, it is suitable to use Italian style living room furniture. Of course, certain skills are required in the placement. Don't pile all the furniture together to avoid confusion and inconvenience.

2. Streamlined; the Italian-style living room was originally an area for people to move around, so the layout of the Italian-style living room furniture should be as simple as possible, some unnecessary items should be stored, it is best to look simple and bright of. At first glance, the space is very large, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

3. Planning; some owners like to buy small items, but they can’t find a suitable place to store them when they buy them home. What should I do? You can use some shelves and lockers to store these small items, which saves space and looks neat. Make the Italian-style living room more spacious and bright.

4. Matching; when buying Italian-style living room furniture, you need to pay attention to the matching problems between them. For example, the color of the Italian-style living room sofa should be the same as the wall and curtains, and the material on the coffee table should be the same as the TV cabinet, etc. .

Italian living room furniture

Using Italian-style living room furniture can make life more full of artistic beauty, so more effort must be made in the placement to maximize the function and beauty of the furniture. CV is committed to creating indoor scenery full of Italian charm, following the design ideas of Italian Mediterranean traditional culture, and constantly developing and innovating. It perfectly mixes furniture and lamps, bedding and other home decorations, while ensuring comfort. , To create a refined, relaxed and casual living atmosphere.


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