Independent Escort Oldham: Learn the UKNEA Escort Etiquettes before Approaching

Posted by audreytaylor on December 21st, 2013

UKNEA (the United Kingdom National Escorts Association) is a professional association of UK based escort agencies and independently operating escorts. The association makes policies and guidelines for the escorts working in the UK. There are some escort etiquettes that the professionals in the industry as well as their clients are expected to follow. Therefore, if you are about to hire an independent escort Oldham, you need to know about these basic etiquettes to avoid all sorts of disputes and conflicts of interest. UKNEA believes that practicing of these etiquettes will not only strengthen the professional relationship between escorts and their esteem clients, but also can prepare the ground for an ecstatic experience both parties can take pleasure in. Keep in mind that escorts are very different from the street girls who are, unfortunately, not regarded very highly in the UK society. In contrary, escorts are high-society girls and mature women who accompany men to places, of course for a price. Their job is to kill the boredom and loneliness of adult males who seek their company. Therefore, when you approach an independent escort Altrincham, make sure you are behaving within acceptable professional boundaries.


An independent escort Oldham can anticipate well your requirements well before you state it as it is her job. They always look for clients with whom they can extend their professional relationship on a long-term. For this reason only, you should maintain hygiene and should not forget that the other person has the full right to protect herself from sexually transmitted diseases and other easily spread infections. Do not mind shaving and cutting your nails before you go on a date with an escort. Besides, wear fresh and ironed clothes and use some deodorant to smell good. Comb your hair neatly and brush your teeth properly before meet an independent escort Altrincham.

Other health issues

Have you undergone an HIV test recently? If not, and if you are not clinically proven a healthy person, the independent escort Oldham may become repulsive towards you. Safety of both of you should be a prime concern of you. Therefore, you should undergo necessary medical tests and receive the reports to make it sure that you are not a person infested with a dangerous sex disease. Do not conceal your infectious health conditions and symptoms as the independent escort Altrincham agencies take a zero tolerance stance against such unfair conducts, no matter whether you are a long-time patron or the first-time customer.


If you are approaching a completely independent escort Oldham, she might ask for a small tip after giving her service. However, if you are approaching an independent incall escort through an agency, expect the price tag to be all-inclusive. However, tipping is solely at your own discretion and you can surely refuse to pay anything extra to the escort you are hiring.

To conclude, independent escort Altrincham agencies expect their clients to leave feedbacks on their site. Whether you are satisfied with the service of an escort or not, feel free to leave your comments behind as the agencies value the opinions of their clients most.

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