Runecrafting Rapid leveling-up

Posted by sarahbulaiman on December 25th, 2013

Players with a wood cutting level of 60 or higher can even take advantage of the yew tree in the church's grave yard while waiting for their job quota to reset, therby making an even larger profit by collecting yew logs. However, it is not necessary to buy rs 07 gold required for the prayer tutor's jobs. Nearby the church are normal trees, willow trees, and oak trees. Bones can be collected easily by killing the many goblins located across the river. And if you are faced with an item which is too difficult to aquire, remember that you can always switch to an easier item just by asking, or ask for another job if that item is too difficult to aquire as well.

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Runecrafting Rapid leveling-up Requiremenrs : Finish quest Rune Mysteries. Items prepared:An Air TiaraAn Earth TiaraA Fire Tiara(Optional)A Body TiaraRunes for transfer to Varrock and Falador(Optional) Red circle represent the transfer place. Yellow circle is altar. Red line marks the line of transferring. Lvl 1 – lvl 9Make Air Runes, there are two methods. Plz check the picture.You can choose transfer or not.

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