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Posted by worksforweb on December 25th, 2013

Close management of the various administrators who have access to your classifieds website is critical in order to secure important business information. The Sub-Administrator Accounts addon works with the 6.1.3 version and above of WorksForWeb Php Classified Software and was created to provide website owners with such management power.

Manage Movements of Website Personnel

When you have more than one person assigned to your classifieds ads website to do various tasks, you can limit their access to specific areas assigned by you. Therefore, such people as template modification specialists, data entry personnel, tech support, etc can complete their work without being able to wander into areas that might contain sensitive resource information that you want to remain protected from prying eyes.

With the Sub-Administrator Account addon, you can create numerous sub-admin accounts for key personnel to complete necessary work. However, you can also limit their movements to within specified areas or make adjustments to their access privileges easily which works to protect vital information stored in other locales.

Easily Create or Adjust Accounts

Once the addon is installed, you can easily enter the application and either create one or multiple accounts or adjust existing accounts. Here are some basics of the addon.

Begin by going to the System Configuration page and click on the Sub-Administrator tab. This will bring up a configuration menu that allows access to all Sub-Administrator Account addon features. From this location you can create or adjust accounts in a few simple mouse clicks.

Code is built into the addon system so that both access and security measures are up and running immediately upon creation of an admin account. When any one of your sub-admin personnel logs into the administrative area on your WorksForWeb http://www.worksforweb.com/  Classifieds-based website, they will only be able to access and manipulate accessible areas pre-set by you. If they were to try and enter forbidden areas, they would receive a warning message.

A Valuable Tool

If you are contemplating purchasing the newly updated 6.1.3 version of WorksForWeb PHP Classifieds Software and beginning an online business that requires sub-administrators, or your WorksForWeb Classifieds website has grown to require the help of such personnel, the Sub-Administrator Accounts addon is a good tool to help you manage access of your overall website.

The Sub-Admin Accounts addon works with all WorksForWeb products. Contact WorksForWeb today for more information or to purchase the Sub-Admin Accounts addon for your website.

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