There are some mini-bosses

Posted by sarahbulaiman on December 27th, 2013

There are some mini-bosses: Divebombs, Asclepius and FFXIV Items

-Divebomb  Once the second Neurolink drops, Twintania will fly out of the arena and begin targeting random individuals in the party with Divebomb. This will place a green-and-black targeting circle over someone's head, R2D2 will chime in with a position on the geopolitical ramifications of climate change in sub-Saharan regions, then Twintania will swoop into the arena at the targeted person. It has static starting positions based on where the target is standing in the arena.

- Asclepius  A miniboss named Asclepius

- Hygieia  Two smaller snakes.

-45 seconds after Asclepius and two Hygieia spawn, a second set of three Divebombs will begin regardless of the mobs still alive. After this set of Divebombs concludes, two more Hygieia will spawn, and you will have 60 seconds until Twintania makes her triumphant return to the arena.

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