Biomass Briquetting Plant Provides 100% Eco Friendly Briquettes

Posted by Deepi on December 27th, 2013

                         Biomass briquetting plant is the way to make briquettes from agriculture and industrial trash without use any chemical. The main target of this briquetting plant project is to give 100% Eco friendly briquettes and nature to the world. Today, every country has environmental issue and very problems related pollution. To solve these issues we have solution and that is biomass briquette plant.

                                   Biomass briquetting plant is able to grind any type agro forestry waste like groundnut shells, almond shells, cotton salk, bagasse, jute trash, forestry leaves and so on and convert into bio fuel. Fuel is the prime need of every industry and bio fuel is available at lower rate so demand of bio fuel is increasing. Bio fuel is the renewable source of energy and used in various sectors. Bio fuel briquettes are also known as white coal because it doesn’t pollute when it burns.It is the replacement of black coal and other fossil fuels.

                                 Briquetting press manufacturers are making different types of biomass briquetting press which are able to make briquettes from any type of trash. In the market, various types of briquetting machines are available to fulfill the need of every people. As the renewable energy market shifts and evolves each year, industry experts need to know where renewable projects through we are can make environment greener.

                         Biomass can be generally defined as anything that has recently been derived directly or indirectly from the photosynthesis process. While this definition can include animal wastes, this article focuses on wood product and/or grass product. Woody biomass includes whole tree wood chips, shrubs, bushes or other wood waste. Grassy biomass includes various grasses, straw and other thin vegetable matter. Grasses tend to be less dense than woody biomass, have lower energy per unit volume and can have challenging ash properties.

                      Give Eco friendly nature to the world this is the motto of briquetting press manufacturers. They are using latest technology to make Eco friendly briquettes. Biomass briquetting plant is the plant for better future through we can make efficient fuel briquettes. Biomass briquettes are used in various industries like brick making units, food processing unit, rubber industry, leather industry, textile industries, and tea factories and so on. The craze of briquettes is growing because they are 100% Eco friendly and hope for our better future. Now we can say that biomass briquetting plant is specially invented to make briquettes which are Eco friendly.

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