Korean Coats Snow Boots Build Winter Style

Posted by 7efashion on December 27th, 2013

If not afford to wear Korean clothes of fur coat, wearing the sweet lovely woolen coat is also good choice, mix leopard bottoming skirt, fashionable, especially wild. On boots, snow boots of course is the first choice, all-match and fashionable winter boots, in winter wear the best single product. For leisure girls, must very like this girl’s dress up, simple gray sweater coat collocates with stripe padding jacket, with a hit character scarf and brown snow boots, is it right? Very adorable and cute!

Many girls are very like to watch Korean dramas, and also very like the fashionable dress of heroine. In this winter girls want to like as the same with Korean female, wearing beautiful and elegant. The following, please with Korean Japan Clothing.com to learn together about these Korean girls’ winter fashion collocations!

In winter how to build lovely and fashionable look? Very simple, snow boots are the best winter items of playing innocent. Arbitrary a style pure Korean fashion coat, clever take sweater + leggings or skinny jeans, with fluffy snow boots, super beautiful! The Korean girls in winter love wearing snow boots, loving watching Korean dramas friends must be aware of their affection to snow boots. Cool black cotton-padded clothes, with sweater and snow boots, very conspicuous, cute.

Pants with printed skirts, the rose printed map of the charm, the ultimate romantic! On above several collections, all are Asian fashion sweater with a skirt, sweater mix matches hip skirt you tried this. Although not as the sweater skirt sweet ride, package hip skirt can be an excellent outline the hip curves, adding to the overall mix of sexy! Whims women like mash dressing style, sweet girl likes a little fresh air, and then what style is this season's hit point? In fact, as long as do yourself into your heart, as well as the range of this year's fashion ladies clothes for autumn!

Hooded short cotton jacket, inner taking cartoon patterns sweater will feel better, if the love of the wind, can also like the street girl, accessories white bottoming vest is ok! Pants trousers with red wine, very fashionable! Most loves the tassel beard snow boots, walk along a road to come to feel put on airs. The winter at home, sweater + leggings, is a good match, leisure and very good, if the home came guest, also need not nervous with the dress.

The girls see accustomed - section of the coat, the fawn breasted style skirt, is it right? Let your eyes out? Equipped with cashmere wool coat, very handsome!!! Collision color Plaid short coat collocates with knitted skirts, very elegant fashion, in addition, the girl with the stiletto suede fringe boots, also has a good fashion sense.

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