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Posted by AmandaTom on December 28th, 2013

Although it is fun and exciting to have sex with someone, no one knows exactly what you feel and like than you. When it comes to satisfying yourself, dildos are your best friends. You can easily adjust the angles, the speed; you know how far you need to go and so on. There is nothing like ending a bad or stressful day in bed with your favourite pal. Sex toys come in many shapes, sizes, colours and they are designed for couples, to spice up their sexual life and make it ten times more interesting. Once they are chosen wisely, you will have a blast in the bedroom and you will never get bored or tired of the same positions again.

As a matter of fact, sex toys are not just aimed at bold couples, but actually anyone who is willing to try something new. The range of products starts from some simple handcuffs or sexy lingerie to dildos, anal balls, chains, bondage equipment and a lot more. Not to worry, as once you get into the fun, you will crave for more. Vibrators are destined to fit inside a vagina or for anal penetration and this is why you see them in various shapes and sizes. Not to mention they are also manufactured from different materials, starting from rubber to silicone and even crystal.

There are some notable differences between vibrators and dildos. Vibrators vibrate and to be able to, they need power or batteries. This can be rather uncomfortable, because there are times in which you don’t know when the batteries are going out. In the worst case scenario, it can happen when you are about to come and that can be very frustrating. On the other hand, a dildo will be operated manually, so you are in control of everything and you can choose the sex toys that fit your desires the best. When it comes to sexual experiences, there is nothing like experimenting with as many toys as possible, until you discover what really gets you going.

Dildos are actually some of the oldest sex toys and they have been around for a very long time. Modern products are definitely improved and they are manufactured from comfortable, skin like materials, so the experience is as real as possible. You can easily find a double dildo in sex shops or online shops nowadays and you can use it for double penetration. Manufacturers focus a lot on form and function in order to find that perfect balance between the two and offer the most enjoyable sensations. It is quite amazing to see how much a dildo has evolved, considering it looks a lot like a real life penis.

Some of them have veins, balls included at the base and the tip is shaped just like the head of the penis. To increase pleasure, a dildo can have a variety of features, such as ridges and textures to increase massage level and your pleasure. If you have never owned a dildo before, you should know they come in many sizes, so you can start out with a slim, little one and then step up to the next level when you are ready for more.

Are you ready to experiment with sex toys? You can find the best of them online and you can also try out various types of dildos.

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