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Posted by tedmark on December 28th, 2013

 Mixtapes, one of the buzzwords on the Internet, are popularized by music loyalists whose insatiable urge to find tracks soothing to their ears keep them looking for more and more. Mixed-tapes are compilation of songs from different genres that are particularly made to appeal to people with dynamic tastes. Since music is an art form that has stalwarts from across the world, it requires to have the potential to assuage musical tastes of diverse kinds. Download free mixtapes from the Web that reflect diverse musical tastes. The files are composed by regular internet users who keep a track of the popular charts and make compositions accordingly to attract the mass.

Mixtapes reflect the unique musical preferences of individuals who record and upload them. The tapes have tracks of different types combined and uploaded in audio formats. Pioneering the emerging trend of conceptual music mix, mixed tapes are personal musical statements containing one’s favorite tracks compiled into one. An American form of art that popularized over time with the widespread use of the Internet, the trend received the support and enthusiasm of eminent personalities like the essayist, Geoffrey O’Brien. You can download free mixtapes from the Internet to learn more about the musical tastes of others and the practice.

Though it started off like a way of sharing and suggesting tracks to fellow music lovers, it has now evolved into an artistic statement that budding musicians and those with a keen interest in music make and explore. Mixtapes have specific moods on themes based on which the popular or rare tracks are selected and compiled together. A carefully made mixed-tape is perfect can have more takers than well-selling albums by particular singers or bands. With these tapes, a section of affordable digital audio has been presented to the audiences. You can now download free mixtapes from the Web to discover some soulful tracks that you never thought existed.

Mixtapes is a consumer-level audio that are catered in the form of music CDs, cassettes and MP3 playlists. A contemporary form of music, this one has brought in diversity in this domain. Audio mixes go a long way back in the 1960s when they used to be called bootleg tapes. These mixes were initially sold in flea markets with labels as Chart Toppers, Top Tracks, etc. for different genres. Soon after, homemade tapes came into being and the advent of Internet brought the concept out at large. With open sources promoting sharing and recommending of music successfully, the idea of developing mixtapes hit off right away.

At this present stage, mixed tapes are preferred better over normal compilations. However, the anonymity of the people behind making these mixes is inconsistently maintained. Though commercial compilations are in many ways similar to mixes, the latter is preferred more. However, mixed tapes are officially said to be those compilations that have clear associations with the compiler in some ways.

Make your own or download some today to explore music in its new avenue.

Mixtapes are popular as hotcakes in the Internet domain. Download free mixtapes or buy the best-sellers from our website to discover a new and livelier dimension of music.

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