Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Get Close for First Love Scenes in Fifty Shades

Posted by FiftyShades on December 28th, 2013

It is not unknown that the movie adaptation of the novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ by Erica James is  explicit and will have some scenes that have been made already famous in the novel. Out of the many such scenes, the readers will have their own favourites and if popular belief is something to go by, there are three love scenes which are a must addition and a must see in the adaptation. The movie which has already been ranked NC-17 will have a lot of romps but when the shooting began in Vancouver last week, and the pair shared their almost first kiss outside the cafe where they were shooting, the onlookers were sure that the love scenes are everything to look forward to.

The red room of pain, which is inhabited by the Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, will soon open its doors for the readers turned audience. Apart from the red room of pain, there are many rooms to look forward to. The first love making scene to take the calk is the scene where Anastasia the shy and docile college student loses her virginity to her dominant partner, the suave and smooth talking Christian Grey. In this scene, Christian presents her with a list of dos and don’ts and prepares to bind their sexual relationship with non-disclosure agreements, but he is taken aback when Anastasia announces that she is indeed a virginal beauty and Christian breaks his own set of rules of not making love, and their tryst ends up making Ana lose her virginity.

The movie fifty shades of Grey  has always been a talking point for its choice of actors, the developments in casting and the storyline in general. The latest addition to this is the NC-17 rating that the movie has been given, and the rumours that the lead actors might appear in the movie in the nude. The producers are supposedly going ahead with two versions of this movie to be released around Valentine’s Day 2015, one is an explicit version and the other one is the toned down version which will startle the audience less.

The other scenes which might be included in the bathtub scene and the boathouse love making scene. The boathouse scene is a revelation and takes place when Christian comes to knows that Ana is planning on a trip to Georgia to visit her mother. Furious that she did not tell him, Grey takes her to the boathouse and what follows is anybody’s guess.

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