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Posted by jennycooper on December 28th, 2013

From early ages, people were attracted to all kinds of sports. One great advantage of performing sports is represented by freedom of expression. Specialists recommend practicing sports from a wide range of reasons, including: fitness, spirit of competition, the increasing of self-confidence and self-determination, mental health and many others. As a beginner in any kind of sport, you must be prepared with suitable equipment, you need to be familiar with all the rules and you must dedicate a lot of time to that specific sport. Only this way, you can manage to succeed in this direction. As you have probably observed, most of the goalie drills are being practiced in a specific manner, taking into consideration the positioning within the crease. This aspect is logical, taking into account that if a hockey goalie doesn’t get into position for making the save, then the result won’t be satisfying. To add more, these goalie drills concentrate on the hand eye reaction, as well and this aspect is crucial for h

aving a great performance. For increasing the performance in this regard, it is recommendable to expose to multiple blocker and glove saves trainings. This you, you can increase the speed of reactivity. Without any doubt, the goalie’s reaction time is the most crucial defensive mechanism in a hockey or a soccer team. The overall performance of the team depends on the accuracy and the reactivity of the goalie.

There are different ways of improving the goalie’s reaction in soccer, hockey and other similar sports. In the first place, it is very important to improve the reflexes. Just like in other similar contexts, the goalkeeper must practice a lot. He should focus on observing the moves of the attacker. In the second place, it is recommendable for the goalkeeper to utilize visual drills. Thirdly, it is really important to develop all sorts of dynamic skills for improving the reaction time. There are all kinds of situations in which the goalkeeper must prove his agility and speed. All in all, these are several ways that every goalkeeper has to try out, in order to improve his reaction time and therefore, his performance in a competition.

To conclude with, in every sport, there is a set of certain rules and regulations that every goalkeeper or player should get familiar with, for obtaining a great performance. In soccer or hockey, the goalkeeper plays a crucial role and therefore, he must get familiar with all kinds of tactics used for increasing his agility and concentration strength. There are different goalie drills for every stage of preparation in soccer and hockey, depending on the experience of the goalkeeper. These drills prove to be extremely helpful in improving the reactions, the anticipation and the shot-stopping techniques of the goalkeeper.

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