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Posted by shreyavaidya on December 30th, 2013

                   Industries are an essential part of nations’ growth. If more industries are established then there is more chance to increase national growth. But one industry, they want to share some part towards the protection of the environment that is a Briquetting plant manufacturer. Yes briquetting plant industry Is one of the best industry because it converts waste products into a usable form that is briquettes.

                Industries are important but one cannot deny from the fact that due to that environment also pollutes and disturbs natures cycle. Briquetting plant project is best as it controls pollution.  Biomass briquettes are made from agricultural waste, industrial waste and other organic material. This plant makes waste material into solid fuel which can be further used to heat industrial boilers and replace black coal, lignite and peat.

                In our routine life thousand tons of squander release but we do not use it and destroy  it but biomass briquetting plant is one of the latest technique to convert this waste into solid fuels that is biomass briquettes. Briquettes are also known as white coal and it is available in logs which are cylindrical in shape but we can give any shape as per our need. Briquettes reduce the volume of waste and also avoid greenhouse effects, carbon emissions etc. That is the reason why most of the industries now try to use briquettes instead of black coal.

Briquetting plant offers plethora of advantages like:

  1.          i.            Eco-friendly source of energy
  2.        ii.            Best substitute of black coal, kerosene and other fossil fuels.
  3.       iii.            It requires low technical skill for you as an Briquetting machine operator so we can also avoid the cost of supervision.
  4.      iv.            Raw materials are generally available in ready-made form so it is more easy to make briquettes.
  5.        v.            Save transportation cost and economical source of energy.

                From the above features we can say that briquetting machine is a key to stop pollution. According to the latest news, price of the petrol, diesel, LPG and black coal increase so it is not possible that everyone afford the price so Briquetting plant is a way through which solid fuel is available which is economical and natural source so it is available abundantly.

                So we can say that briquettes are Eco friendly and burning efficiency of briquettes is higher than black coal so it is now in great demand and many companies solely depends on the use of briquettes. 

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