Pay Attention to Line of Sight

Posted by sarahbulaiman on December 30th, 2013

Line of sight is one of the most important aspects of ff14 gil that rarely is experienced in PvE. Namely, if you put a pillar or a wall in between you and an opponent, their ranged attacks will not be able to hit you. This also interrupts any casted abilities that are currently channeling. Understanding and mastering this skill is important for surviving focus-fire (when multiple opponents are attack you) as well as for avoiding casted CC.

Likewise, line of sight is also important for getting healed. If you a DPS class and getting focus-fired, the last thing you want to do is run behind a pillar or wall while attempting to kite, ensuring that your healer will not be able to heal you. When being focused, you have to be careful not to break line of sight with your healer by running behind a wall or pillar or you might end up getting killed.

Taking this a step further, if an enemy DPS player is behind a wall and the healer is on the other side of the map, making a hard switch to that DPS class can allow you to blow up the DPS. Just two (or even 1) player can often take down a soft DPS class if you can trap them behind the wall.

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