Posting A Story On My Web Page With A Bluetooth Keyboard

Posted by hayden on December 30th, 2013

My MacBook Air is broken. The video screen has died and it would cost $300 to $500 to fix it. I decided that it is too expensive to fix for a 3 year old laptop - so I am trying to use my wireless keyboard with an ipad to post stories for when I travel.

It is easy to pair a keyboard to the ipad. You simply go to the setting screen and find the bluetooth setting. Then you hold the button in on the keyboard and it pairs with the ipad. Next it asks you to type a 4 digit code - and that makes a hard connection. You can then type all you want in any program.

Even though the keyboard works - you are still operating without a mouse. You can use your finger on the screen to act as the mouse. Maybe you can pair the bluetooth mouse also. I will try.

I have typed this story using the keyboard - I do find myself reaching for the mouse when I am trying to correct mistakes. But I should get over that quickly.

When I want to insert a picture in a story - I can simply plug the camera into an adapter on the ipad or  I can remove the SD-RAM card and place it in an adapter on the ipad. I can download all pictures or just one. when traveling it would mean one less thing to carry. Not really - if you count the ipad and the keyboard - you are carrying two extra things.

It takes some getting used to - but it works fine.

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