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Posted by johnssmith00 on December 30th, 2013

Owning your own outdoor hot tub is something that many people are dreaming of their whole lives. There is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in the hot water after a hard day at work, or using it for entertaining your friends and family. However, like most of the good things in life, there is some work required for the good maintenance of the tub. From time to time, the hut tub will require some proper cleaning and maybe replacing some broken hot tub parts. These tasks are not always reccomended to be performed by anyone and neither is using any hot tub parts for replacement.

There are many hot tub parts suppliers available which are available and can provide high quality hot tub pump and other hot tub parts. One of them is Cedar Tubs Direct, an internet leading supplier of discount hot tub parts and spa parts. It is a reliable company centrally located in Winnipeg that provides a great selection of quality hot tub parts and other accessories from industry leading manufactures such as Balboa Spa Parts, including the universal Balboa VS501 and the advanced Balboa EL2000 spa pack. The company also provides a vast array of Balboa Spa Controllers, Balboa Replacement Boards and heater elements, as well as a hot tub pump for every application.

Cedar Tubs Direct is a supplier that aims to provide environmentally safe spa chemical systems that are certified for use on wooden tubs, as well as on plastic spas. It offers alternative spa sanitizers such as Argenia Mineral Ionizer, a product that can also be used by the acrylic spa owners that want a safer and healthier spa sanitization system. All the hottub parts and spa chemicals provided by Cedar Tubs Direct are safe for use on any plastic or wooden spa. Moreover, the company has a large selection of hot tub pump and hot tub heater types, such as electric spa packs, wood fired hot tub heaters and so on.

All the hot tubs at Cedar Tubs Direct are equiped with the best hot tub pump, that provides long life, excellent performance, value pricing and configuration flexibility, all in a cost-effective package. All the pumps used are the Balboa Victoria and Niagara series pumps, previously designated as Ultrajet Ultima and Ultimax pumps. A good hot tub pump must be first of all reliable, so that a pump failure can be avoided.

The hot tub pumps provided by Cedar Tubs Direct are manufactured by Balboa, the largest pool and spa parts manufacure in the world! All the spa parts are promoted by the wood hot tubs produced by this company, which have recently received Pool & Spa Magazines Top 10 Hot Tub Award and are completely manufactured with the company’s hot tub parts!

If you want to have a great hot tub and enjoy it without having to worry that any component my be malfunctioning, you have to contact Cedar Tubs Direct! Here you will get the desired product at an affordable price, with a quality guarantee! You will be able to enjoy your hot tub with no worries! Visit today and see all the offers you can benefit of!

If you are looking for a hot tub pump or other top quality hot tub parts, visit and choose the best product for your tub from Cedar Tubs Direct!

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