Grom Hellscream Is Terminal of the King of Draenor Instead of Wow 6.0

Posted by wengzhujing on December 31st, 2013

Blizzard entertainment released the expansion of the King of Draenor in its annual game carnival of BlizzCon 2013. Have you ever care about who is the ultimate boss of world of warcraft 6.0: King of Draenor? Today you can find answer on

World of warcraft 6.0: King of Draenor lets players come back to the old world of draenor and experience the main battles in history with the former heroes. World of warcraft production director and vice President J.Allen Brack parsed the content of the King of Draenor and team, tasks, and articles in interview.

1. Ultimate boss of the King of Draenor

J.A llen said that now the main story of the King of Draenor is Grom Hellscream. It is Grom, Galveston’father hold the post of Emirates and Chief of the King of Draenor. According to the current setting, Grom Hellscream should be the ultimate boss of the new expansion: world of warcraft 6.0: King of Draenor.

2. Whether Mists of Pandaria release new patch before the king of draenor launch

J.A llen said that we had announced that the 5.4 version is the terminal main update of Mists of Pandaria. So before the King of Draenor released, there is just a few patches and update instead. But the amount of the update is still unknown. There are some International events like before. They have some interesting ideas for the adjustment of world of warcraft items. Let’s look forward to the interest of the King of gold on wow

3. The characteristics of fortress system

Fortress is equal to the extension of Pandaria farms. Fortress is the actual territory in wow world. Players can plant their own crops, receive tasks and different tools on Pandaria farms. The fortress of the king of draenor will extend this concept and expand to larger scales.

New fortress function will be closely integrated with the story. Different classes have a series of different stories. For example, the union may build a fort, recruiting following build barracks to resist the horde steel. Players will have a small piece of land in Draenor. With the progress of fortress, players can recruit arms and choose different building to build in fortress.

Those are the information J.A llen revealed. I hope those can offer you some help in playing game. We will try our best to supply you the newest and useful information about world of warcraft 6.0: King of Draenor. So if you are interested in world of warcraft, you can pay close attention to Here you can get the best service.

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