The Impact of Music Lessons on Child Development

Posted by HelenaNelson on September 24th, 2020

The Impact of Music Lessons onChild Development

Whether or not your child intends to pursue music long term, learning an instrument will leave a positive impact on their life.Musichas impacted young minds for centuries. The New School of Music, Austin offers many programs to favorably influence your child’s life. Here are some of the benefits that you will afford your child when enrolling in our program:

Brain and body function

A child who has been exposed to music experiences a significant growth in neural activity. The brain’s development accelerates between the ages of two and nine. These are the years when learning music is most critical because it plays a greater role in facilitating mental development. Music lessons also lead to more efficient body mechanics, as the sounds soothe the brain and then lead to the further improvement offine motor and aural skills.

Language development

Early music education is also of great benefit to the development of language and communication skills. Working with a well-trained music teacher and exposure to other children learning the same skills accelerates this process and teaches them how to function as part of a team.

Life skills

The study of music develops the ability to focus, to exhibit control, and to see a project through from beginning to end.A sustained effort of these skills results in dedication and a higher level of brain function.Students of music routinely perform well on standardized tests and throughout their work life.

There’s no question that music has a significantly positive impact on the world, and most notably on the children that study it. Studying an instrument at The New School of Music, Austinwill develop your child as a creative thinker as well asensure their overall success.

Benefits of Music Education

The study of music improves a child’s life in many ways. Here is a snapshot of the benefits of music education:

  1. It creates discipline. Practicing an instrument takes dedication and sustained effort. These attributes translate well to schoolwork and any job that a child will ever seek, contributing to their success as a student, employee, or entrepreneur.
  2. It expands other interests and allows for other learning. Exposure to the traditions of music allows children to ask questions about cultures and world history. Finding these roots allows the child to find a connection to history and to the world.
  3. It encourages teamwork. Music making is often collaborative and by involving a child in music, his or her ability to communicate and work with others is improved.
  4. It makes a child smarter. Not only does music education develop the brain’s ability to handle language and reasoning, it yields a higher level of spatial intelligence and problem solving ability. These skills enable students to routinely perform well on standardized tests and throughout life.

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