How to jailbreak iOS 7 or jailbreak iOS 6?

Posted by CesarMuler on January 1st, 2014

The moment you hear the word jailbreak you tend to think that there is something wrong. But there is nothing wrong when someone decides to jailbreak iOS 7 or jailbreak iOS 6. This is perfectly legal in most of the countries and as long as you don’t feel any moral obligation no one is going to bother you. What is important is that you know how to jailbreak an iOS device. The internet is full of information but you should be cautious about which piece of information to use and which piece of information to junk.

The iOS is one of the most robust operating systems. After all, it drives some of the best known gadgets in the world. The only issue with the iOS is that it’s very restrictive in nature. You cannot do anything on your iOS device that Apple doesn’t want you to do. You cannot download games and apps, you cannot share content with non-iOS devices and you cannot upgrade or downgrade the OS without Apple letting you do it. Hence, when you want that something extra from your iOS device the only option available is to jailbreak iOS 7 or jailbreak iOS 6.

Why would someone opt to jailbreak their iOS device? The reasons below are plain to see.

- To upgrade or downgrade the firmware. This helps in changing the OS version.

- To tether the iOS device with other devices with WiFi capability. Normally one has to pay through their nose for this service.

- To download apps and games that are not available in the App Store.

- When someone goes through the process to jailbreak iOS 7 or jailbreak iOS 6 they have the option to download and install an app called Cydia. Cydia is an application that offers an attractive GUI through which multiple apps and games can be downloaded into the device.

Now how do you jailbreak iOS 7 or jailbreak iOS 6? There is nothing much you need to do. The process is similar to downloading and installing a software application in your computer or smartphone or tablet. There are multiple free tools available online that need to be downloaded and installed in your computer. Once your iOS device is connected to the computer through an USB cable the jailbreak process will start. But yes, it is important that you keep the following points in mind when you decide to go through this process.

- Ensure that you find out how jail breaking is done on an iOS device. This will ensure that you don’t brick the device.

- Ensure that you download the best jail breaking tool. One such tool is called Redsn0w. Be careful because there are certain tools that are malware.

- Ensure that you follow the process exactly as mentioned. Many websites offer step by step processes to jailbreak iOS 7 or jailbreak iOS 6. Follow these processes and you should have no issues with this process. Your iOS device will now be open and ready for you to download all those apps that you always wanted to.

There is no danger involved when you decide to jailbreak iOS 7 or jailbreak iOS 6. Ensure you use the right tool.

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