How to progress in Final Fantasy XIV

Posted by sarahbulaiman on January 3rd, 2014

They provide your equipment, your furniture, your food, and probably many other required items needed to progress in Final Fantasy XIV. Unlike many other games where you learn a crafting skill from a NPC and begin to progress over time, you are thrown directly into the responsibility of providing your ff14 gil with quality items they request. Information is a bit sketchy about some classes, but in the meantime let's take a look at each of these professions more in depth with what information has been provided.
Up first we have the trusty blacksmith. An artisan with steel and an anvil, these crafters will be in very high demand. This class primarily creates metallic weapons, such as swords and polearms, as well as tools needed for mining and harvesting. If you played Final Fantasy XI and became a blacksmith, you will see many similarities. Your primary function is to create the weapons and tools that players need to survive and thrive. You will of course be using Iron, Steel, Darksteel, and various other materials to build the weapons that are requested of you.

As for group use, blacksmiths will be taking care of repairs to people's weapons and tools, which will more than likely be their primary source of income. Blacksmiths have a nice skill that allows them to locate hard to find loot that could be easily overlooked as well as a skill that weakens Metallic enemies.

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