Biomass Briquette Plant Contribute to Climate Change

Posted by Deepi on January 4th, 2014

                      Biomass briquette plant is the source of renewable energy and thus it is growing in demand. It is the best alternative to fossil fuels such as lignite, coal, gas etc… because it does not crate pollution. It is the way to change our climate in predictable way. People are well aware of future and they are looking for best ways to protect environment and prevents pollution. Now a day biomass briquette plant is the nest contributor in climate changing.

         Environment degradation is the most common and urgent issue and to overcome this problem biomass briquette plant is invented. It is the best contribute to climate change and solve many environment related problems. All type of waste material convert into biomass briquette through this plant. Biomass briquettes are bio fuel alternative to many fossil fuels used in various industries like rubber industry, food processing unit, leather industry, spinning mills, brick making units and so on.

                           Biomass briquetting is a technique in which agriculture waste is compressed under high pressure to form a solid fuel densified called biomass briquettes. The energy content of the briquettes ranged from 4.5 to 6.5 Kilojoule per gram (KJ/g) depending upon the waste materials used in the densification process. Using husk and sawdust in the briquettes can increase the energy content of the briquettes. Various types of biomass briquette machines are available in the industry to make biomass briquettes.

                      The materials used in biomass briquettes include paper, leaves, saw dust, husk, pine needles. The biomass briquettes are produced in different sizes, shapes, depending upon the usage in the industries. The briquettes are cylindrical shaped; the sizes vary from 25-100mm in diameter and 100-400mm in length. Densification is done at a pressure of 5-7MPa using a piston. The biomass briquettes are then tested for relaxation behavior, mechanical strength and burning characteristics. The pressure depends on various types of agricultural waste materials used in the briquettes; different materials require different conditions for fabrication of the material.

                           After the understanding whole project I can conclude that this briquetting plant project is the medium to protect climate. It is the reason to changing the climate in predictable way. Biomass briquetting plant is recyclable and economical than other fuels. It is available at reasonable rate in the market to meet the suitable to human being. In India, currently many biomass briquette plants are installed to change the climate and make better future.

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