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You can help your doctor diagnose and treat your headaches by being prepared to answer the following questions:


?what medications do you take either week or monthly depending on the severity of your headaches?

?what is your response to the medication?

Make a list to help you remember your medications and your response.

For a headache that started suddenly

    ?when did the headache start?

?what were you doing when the headache started?


For ongoing headaches

   ?when did your headache problems start?

?how often do you have headaches?

?how long do your headaches usually last?

?where is your headache pain located?


Other questions that may help

Describe your headache pain (stabbing, throbbing, dull, sharp) and how would you rate the pain. How do your headaches usually begins or evolve? Do you have other symptoms with your headache? Are your headaches related to your menstrual cycle? What do you think cause your headaches? What home treatments have you tried and how well did they work? What prescription medications have you been given?  Did they work? What prescription or non prescription medications do you take? Are you using an alternative or complimentary medicine or treatment? Have you recently have a dental procedure such as filling or root canal? When was your last eye examination? Do you wear corrective lenses? Do you have any health risks?


These questions will better prepare you meet your doctor and in turn assist your doctor in making the right diagnosis.

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