The Work Procedure of Solar Pool Heaters Explained

Posted by johnssmith00 on January 4th, 2014

The solar heated swimming pools are considered to be as one of the most effective application of the solar power nowadays. When comparing an electric and a gas pool heater, the former happens to be the perfect procedure to heat the water of the swimming pool. Moreover, long-term expenditure made after solar pool heaters are worth than making expenses regularly after swimming pool heating method. However, you can also look for solar heating packages in order to make the investment more cost-effective.

How the Solar Pool Heater Operates?

The majority of the swimming solar pool heaters includes the below mentioned: 

• A solar panel: This is the place where the water directly goes from the swimming pool by the means of a system of various channels that are actually warmed with the help of the sun’s rays.

• A pool filter: This filtration system help to clean the dirt, leaves, and other debris that are present in the water.

• A pump: It pumps up the water from the pool, transfers it via the solar collector and the filtration system, again back into the swimming pool.

• A flow control device: This will allow controlling the flow of water when sent through the collectors. Additionally, a flow control valve can be installed to bypass the collector altogether.

The solar heating packages offered by the reputed companies may include the above mentioned devices.

However, the pool waters are sent via the filtration system to remove the debris. Here as soon as it starts transferring via the channels inside the collector. While the water flows through these channels, it naturally gets warmed by the sun’s rays.  And from there, the heated water cycled via the remaining pipes back again in the swimming pool. In the places where the climate is generally hot, the solar collectors  actually can be utilized in the evening in order to cool the pool water back down. 

There are a variety of pool heating systems that allow diversion of water to the collector when the pool’s temperature reaches a particular amount. Or else, the water is then pumped into the filter and then in the pool. Such types of systems encompass sensor usage that manually or automatically control the water movements. 

Well, there a whole lot of variation in the class of solar pool heaters collectors and each of them is designed with different components. Catering to, the region where you live and the frequency of usage of the solar collector, the glazed (glass) or the unglazed collectors are purchased.

However, a glazed (glass) solar collector though has complicated construction, it is more durable than the unglazed ones. Not only, these can be used to you’re your swimming pool but also can heat your entire house water heaters. Constructed with metal panels with iron tempered glass, the glazed collectors are a bit expensive than the other of its kind. When it comes to capturing solar heat more efficiently, the glass solar collectors are more preferred. You can get one of these collectors within the affordable solar heating packages.

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