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Posted by AmandaTom on January 6th, 2014

It seems technology will go to any lengths to wow us again and again. In the computing space we first had the desktops and everyone was amazed. Desktops got replaced by laptops and we were further wowed. Then the tablets arrived and they are now looking to make laptops obsolete. But along with these hardware developments we also had numerous developments in the software space. The internet came into being and as a race, we moved into a completely new level altogether. Now there is something (it has been in use for a while) called hosted desktop or online desktop. When you come to know of this concept you are bound to be wowed once again.

All organizations need computing capability to run their businesses efficiently. However, there is a huge cost associated with using desktops, laptops and servers. A large chunk of the infrastructure cost is consumed by the machines that we use in offices. A hosted desktop can drastically cut this cost - the money saved could be up to 40%. Money saved on hardware would mean more contribution to profits. And with this kind of arrangement money gets saved automatically. There is not even any effort required.

But what is an online desktop? It is a virtual desktop that offers all the benefits of a desktop without using an actual desktop. Any organization that wants to invest in this model simply needs to get in touch with service providers in this domain. Under the arrangement between the organization and its vendor where the vendor data centre hosts all the applications of the organization. Can you imagine how beneficial this can be?

With this arrangement of a hosted desktop the client can drastically cut down on IT infrastructure and follow a lean model. There is no need for a server because the vendor's server stores all the business related information. The number of hardware components like desktops can be reduced because an employee can access the data centre remotely. If one wants they can also reduce office space and save money on the rent.

Someone using an online desktop can use the internet to access a traditional desktop environment. Since all the applications are hosted remotely one can make their desktops and laptops run faster and more efficiently. This arrangement is beneficial even from the security point of view. Even if someone hacks into the desktop or laptop of an employee they will not be able to steal confidential data. All data will be remotely stored. Even if a hard drive crashes there is no fear of losing any data.

No matter which angle you consider a hosted desktop is always beneficial. Yes, your employees will have to forgo the traditional desktop experience but they will get to experience something that is much better. With an online desktop managing IT services and applications also becomes easier. And of course, there is huge cost saving, something that any organization would want to do. Try out this concept for the first time and you will become a fan.

A hosted desktop is the best alternative to a real desktop / laptop. With an online desktop not only is money saved but security is also enhanced.

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