How to get good advice when you?re pregnant?

Posted by genedumas on January 6th, 2014

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! You are about to have a little (or more) bundle of joy in you and your partners life. However, you may have one, two or even hundreds of questions that books, internet pages and friends just can’t answer. You will also have people offering unwanted advice. You need to find a trusted source and a source that is backed-up by medical excellence. Why not get in contact with Simply Better Births, who can help and advise you on any topic of pre/post pregnancy. So whatever your question, the team of midwives can help you find the right answer to your pregnancy question?

Let’s look at why you need great advice!

Your body will be changing rapidly, as such you might be completely inundated with questions on why your feeling so tired, worried about blood or spotting, tenderness in your breasts, nausea, is going to the loo too often a bad thing? What should I eat? Am I sleeping too much? Can I have sex if I am pregnant? What about drinking, can I have a glass of wine? The team of trained midwives at Simply Better Births can help you by explaining the answers to these questions in a simple, yet easy to understand way, that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst making sure your baby’s life-chances are excellent.

Here’s a few answers to some great questions?

What is Early Pregnancy – This is the period when you first start showing symptoms of pregnancy. You might not have noticed it or you might have a positive test to show. What can you now expect? Simply Better Births have advice on this first crucial stage.

What is Late Pregnancy – This is the latter stages of pregnancy, usually from seven to nine months, also known as the third trimester. Your body will change and you will experience an array of different symptoms. As such you need to know what to expect. Simply Better Births have great advice for this important stage.

What about the birth itself? Do you know what a caesarean section is? Or what Induced Labour means? Or even assisted delivery, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, Simply Better Births have a great resource that can help you understand what to expect when you give birth. For all your advice on health-related issues and pregnancy why not visit Simply Better Births to get helpful hints, tips and advice on planning a healthy pregnancy and a lot more from labour to post-natal care and other pregnancy-based issues? If you need further assistance why not get in contact with the team of qualified midwives at Simply Better Births, simply email or alternatively why not call the team direct on 0844 880 1084 to find answers to your pregnancy queries or questions?

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