Lightweight Tennis Balls Are Bouncier

Posted by EverythingTennis on January 6th, 2014

Tennis racket and tennis balls are the two most vital items in Tennis. The performance of the player and the speed of the game depend a lot on these two. When it comes to the speed of the game, the weight of the tennis balls has a vital part to contribute. Heavy tennis balls require more force to get the right momentum whereas for the light- weight tennis balls comparatively lower force can create maximum momentum. The technique of players and their capabilities to perform depends vastly on the specifications of the tennis balls,  and in order to maintain a standard, tournaments use only specific tennis balls for the game.

Different types of lightweight tennis balls

Light-weight tennis balls add more bounce to the game than the heavy ones. Even a light impact can give the lightweight balls a decent speed and can be an exceptionally advantageous option for the starters. These balls are generally soft and are covered with soft foams or canvas, to give a lighter impression on the racket. Wilson is a renowned brand in the industry for producing exceptional low-weight starter tennis balls. These low compression balls come in different varieties and specifications. You can buy the stage 2 or stage 3 light weight tennis balls from the brand that comes with 75% and 50% lower rebound than the standard tennis balls. The stage 1 balls can be perfect for children and also for recreational purposes. 

Buying the lightweight tennis balls

Light weight tennis balls can make a game more appealing, and less tiring to play, and now you can buy these specially built tennis balls from the only tennis stores. If you are a trainer or a tournament conductor, you might need to maintain a large stock of the best quality lightweight tennis balls, and for the purpose bulk buying from the online stores can be an intelligent option. The online tennis stores maintain a large stock of all the light weight tennis balls from all the brands, and they provide wholesale rates on bulk purchase.  You just need to make your choice in the website and purchase the product through their secured gateway. The store keeper will ship you the purchased product within the shortest time frame at your desired location. So, check the websites today and order your collection of branded tennis balls at an unbelievable price.

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