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Posted by AmandaTom on January 6th, 2014

The concept of cloud computing has been there for a while but it is gathering more and more strength as organizations and people become more aware of its possibilities. Today when you find companies using cloud hosted desktop you shouldn't be surprised. A cloud desktop is a desktop environment that can be accessed over the internet. The concept is robust, cost effective and highly secure.

In a typical office IT infra scenario there would be a server machine and all the workstations would be connected to the server on a network. Any work done or any data saved would be backed up on the server. The server would also manage bandwidth and provide security for all the data that is created and used. But what if someone is able to access the server? Any employee can connect to the server and access data stored in it. What if the employee doesn't have the best intentions in mind? How can someone save the data stored in the server? A cloud desktop provides the best solution in this regard.

The cloud hosted desktop works so well because the server is not in the office. It is at a data centre that is managed by a professional service provider. So, even if someone wants to access the server they wouldn't be able to. Most employees wouldn't even know where the data centre is. The further beauty of the cloud desktop concept is that apart from the data every work application would also be stored in the server that is housed in the data centre. And since we are talking cloud here the data centre would in the cloud, i.e. in virtual space. How does this help?

Because in a cloud hosted desktop environment all work applications are stored remotely employees can keep their desktops / laptops clutter free. There will be enough space available in the hard drive and this would mean faster desktop / laptop performance. Moreover, any data saved will be saved on the server so one cannot access it without proper access codes.

The other advantage of the cloud desktop concept is that it helps companies save money on hardware. Today many companies have work from home concept and many companies are also urging their employees to get their own laptops. This would mean that an organization would need to procure lesser number of desktop / laptops for their employees. And as more people work from home companies can also save on office space.

There is also the matter of maintenance. When you use cloud hosted desktop maintenance is completely in the hands of your vendor. Since these people are completely aware of this concept you will not have issues with downtime. Moreover installation of patches or upgrades in the server etc. will be done by your vendor.

The future is that of cloud hosted desktop and you need to adapt to it now. The moment you switch to cloud desktop you get rid of a large percentage of issues related to IT infrastructure.

Cloud hosted desktop means hassle free computing. With your cloud desktop you allow your employees allow freedom without letting them manipulate.

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