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Posted by AdrianRocker on January 6th, 2014

Ho Chi Minh City is not the capital of Vietnam but it is the largest city and the most populous one in Vietnam. And of course, it is the commercial hub of the country. It is one city that is etched in history because of its relationship with the Vietnam War and the aftermath of the war. But those days are gone and today it is one of the best places to stay in the entire region. If you are looking for a house for rent HCMC or a villa for rent HCMC there are many options that you get. And of course, the best way to search for the best houses and villas in HCMC is going by way of the internet.

Vietnam has been a country that has always struggled for autonomy. First it was under the Chinese and when the Chinese left the French occupied the country. And barely after the independence from the French rule the Americans came calling. Vietnam has a history of heroic struggles but that has no bearing on what it is today. It is a vibrant country where you see colors everywhere; it is a city of bikes that swarm the roads wherever you see; it has people that always welcome you with smiles on their faces and of course, it is well known for its distinct cuisine that anyone is bound to enjoy.

For those looking for house for rent HCMC or a villa for rent HCMC it is better to come to grips with the geographical spread of the city. There are 12 numbered districts in Ho Chi Minh City, seven districts with their distinct names and five suburban districts. When you search for a house or a villa you need to keep your position in mind, i.e. what you are looking at in terms of your neighborhood. District 1, District 3 and Binh Thanh are the neighborhoods everyone talks about. This is the nice place to rent a house, apartment or villa in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam if you are looking for a hip and young crowd. But don’t limit yourself to these two districts only.

If you want to settle down with your family then District 2 and District 7 are the best places. And if you love new cultures to explore you have to be at District 5 or District 10 or Phu Nhuan. For budget conscious people the best district is Pham Ngu Lao.

In each of these districts mentioned here it is not difficult to find a house for rent HCMC or a villa for rent HCMC. Vietnam is not the most expensive countries in the world. It is still developing as a country and for people from outside Vietnam it is surprisingly affordable. Of course the cost of a house for rent HCMC or a villa for rent HCMC will change depending upon its size and the neighborhood but you can still expect excellent rates. And of course, you will start loving the city and its people immediately.

If you want the best house for rent HCMC or villa for rent HCMC it is worthwhile going through the neighborhoods of Vietnam so that you can choose your accommodation as per your requirement.

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