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Posted by wengzhujing on January 7th, 2014

This update means a new 'era' for RuneScape as a game, going to another level with the graphic-sound transformation thanks to the wonder of HTML5.A side effect of turning the game to HTML5 is that the game discoverable to other devices in the future, including tablets and portable game consoles. Jagex has said that this may be possible, assuming that the device has the features to run the game, but not something they are trying to achieve at this time.HTML5The official forum RuneScape has been much discussion about RS3, even if it would be tied to the release of other changes,including HTML5 application. With HTML5, RuneScape is said to look, touch and run much better, improving frame rate. Jagex suggest an equivalent to an Intel i5 processor and a graphics card equal to or greater than the NVidia 200 series for the best experience.RUNESCAPE 3 Gold

Changes confirmed The following is a list of confirmed to be included in the March update RuneScape features. Jagex Mods have confirmed through the forums that do not yet know all the changes included in the update RuneScape 3, so there are more changes still to be announced:~ Client based in HTML5 (including increased draw distance, slightly improved graphics and boxes) ~ improved weather effects (for places that already have them, not adding time everywhere) ~ Customizable Interfaces ~ Support the controller ~ Enhanced Audio ~ New website and hiscores ~ Plot driven with world events over a period of three months by the players.

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