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Posted by tedmark on January 7th, 2014

 Having sexy tattoos has been in vogue for years. The lower back is one of the sexiest parts, particularly of a woman’s body that highlights natural curves and so engrafting a tattoo there would give you a hot look. On wearing a low rise jeans you can effortlessly expose the lower back tattoos. Additionally, midriffs clothes certainly allow much more visibility, thereby bringing the focus of to your lower back curve. Moreover, having a tattoo done on your lower back will also allow you to cover the tattoo whenever necessary with regular clothes. Aside, all the inked girls look extremely seductive with these tattoos other than only having a sexy appeal.

Well, lower back tattoos are very much in demand now as it offers ample space to do a wide tattoo design. The lower back being one of the widest parts of a body, makes a larger space for any type of tattoo designs. Moreover, a lower back tattoo is also less likely to expand because of weight change and pregnancy. So, tattoos done on such parts of the body do not fade easily. Some of the popular tattoo designs are as follows;

  • Butterfly: Representing the incredible procedure of evolution, designing this tattoo would give to an appealing look. Having one of this would also mean that are ready to for any kind of change in your life.
  • Heart: Undoubtedly, this design has a great value. When created in a tribal art, this would indicate love as well as emotion. Moreover, you can also design it with color such as red to denote love for your beloved. Having done this you will look one amongst those stunning inked girls.
  • Birds: Representing freedom, bird tattoos are very colorful. You can ask your professional to create a peacock using color variations and beautiful motifs.
  • Flower: What can be more beautiful than designing flower tattoo on your lower back. Highlighting the beauty of the nature, this is one of the best lower back tattoos. Often related to hope as well as purity, one can make a lot of innovations with this type of design.

Apart from the above mentioned the tribal and the fairies are also one of the popular designs. Well, V and horizontal designs are though one of the preferred shapes, the T and a few more designs also comes in the same line. However, if you are looking for something, which is small in design you can go for the stars, cross, mythical signs, sun or hearts. These tattoos can be multi-colored, symmetrical, monotone or asymmetrical. The possibilities and varieties in the range of lower back tattoo designs are endless.

Since, these tattoos are permanent it needs more investment of time to find the right design for yourself. The majority of the parlors has a wide selection of tattoo designs for various aspiring inked girls. The professionals working here can  suggest you as which tattoo will suit your personality and can be done within your limited budget. 

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