Thao Dien ? the best place for expats

Posted by AdrianRocker on January 7th, 2014

The cost of renting Hochiminh City real estate (ホーチミン 不動産)can range from very inexpensive to very expensive. This of course depends on the neighborhood that one chooses to rent accommodation in. Expats that come to HCMC don’t stay in all the areas of the city. You mostly see them in District 2, a ward of which is Thao Dien. Now would you like to stay in this neighborhood? It all depends on how much you are willing to spend on your accommodation.

District 2 used to be among the poorest districts in the city. District 2 is one of the largest districts in HCMC and large parts of it are still being developed. Much of this district is still marshy land but for the government of Vietnam and the city council of HCMC this is the district that is going to take HCMC to the next level. Thao Dien is one of the developed wards in District 2 and if you are interested in staying among expats and the wealthiest of Vietnamese then this is the place you want to choose for your accommodation.

The biggest advantage of Thao Dien is that it’s a largely peaceful area. You will be not scared when your kid rides their bicycle on the roads. This place is known for its massive villas and many of them have their swimming pools too. Many of the villas are walled compounds and are thus, completely safe. The cost of Hochiminh City real estate (ホーチミン 不動産)in this area can be rather expensive but if you look around you can find some affordable options.

Close to Thao Dien is An Phu, another developed area of District 2. An Phu is one of the most happening areas of HCMC. It is lined with restaurants and bars and beautiful cafes by the riverside. It is referred to as “The Village” by its residents thanks to the quaint lifestyle it affords.

District 1 is the commercial district of HCMC and when someone stays in District 2 they can commute to District 1 in 30 to 40 minutes. Most of the offices in HCMC are in District 1 so the residents of District 2 have to travel to this commercial hub. District 5 is closer to District 1 but if you want the best place to stay in HCMC it has to be District 2.

The cost of renting Hochiminh City real estate (ホーチミン 不動産) depends on the type of accommodation you choose. Villas can be rented from $800 to $7,500. If you are looking for an apartment you would find apartments for rent ranging from $500 to $3,300. Independent houses rents in this area range between $600 and $4,000. Compared to the other parts of the city this area may seem more expensive but it’s worth staying here.

Thao Dien could be that perfect place for you to stay with or without your family. This is the nice place to rent a house, apartment or villa in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. This place of HCMC reminds you of the most developed and bustling cities in the world. Rent Hochiminh City real estate (ホーチミン 不動産)here and you will have an exceptional experience of HCMC.

If you are looking at  ホーチミン 不動産 for a place to rent consider Thao Dien because this is where most of the expats settle down.

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