District 1 could be the best neighborhood for apartment for rent Ho Chi Minh Cit

Posted by AdrianRocker on January 7th, 2014

There is no way one could proclaim for any district in HCMC that this is the nice place to rent a house, apartment or villa in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Every district in the city has its unique attributes and you should find a house for rent Ho Chi Minh City or apartment for rent Ho Chi Minh City as per your personal preference easily.

The 12 numbered center districts in HCMC along with the five named inner districts and five suburban districts make the city the most recommended place to stay in Vietnam. Hanoi is larger than HCMC but HCMC is the capital and the commercial hub. For any expat coming to Vietnam this is the best city to be in. All the companies doing their business in Vietnam have their offices here and it is also the hub for the best entertainment and nightlife of the country.

If you are looking for apartment for rent Ho Chi Minh City then District 1 is perhaps the best location for you. This is the commercial district of the city and naturally there are more apartments than independent houses in this district. However, it can be tad congested with all the traffic but you can afford to stay close to your office and may even take a walk to work. District 5 and Binh Thanh also have apartments but Binh Thanh mostly has budget accommodation. District 5 is 10-20 minutes away from District 1. The most densely apartment packed district is District 4. Commuting to District 1 from District 4 could take only 5 minutes or so and accommodation rent is much cheaper than District 1. This district is undergoing a lot of developments and could become very expensive soon.

If you want house for rent Ho Chi Minh City then it has to be somewhere in District 2. District 2 used to be one of the poorest sections of HCMC and large parts of it are still marshes. But this is the future of the city and massive developments are happening here. The An Phu and Thao Dien wards of District 2 are among the most developed wards in the city. These are the wards where you find the biggest expatriate population. This district is known for its independent houses and villas and many of them are extremely comfortable and pleasing to the eyes. This district is also very safe and boasts of quaint neighborhoods.

HCMC is not a small city but it is strategically divided into districts. So, when you search for house for rent Ho Chi Minh City or apartment for rent Ho Chi Minh City you can easily search basis the district numbers or names.

It is best to search online for house for rent Ho Chi Minh City or apartment for rent Ho Chi Minh City. You can search as per your budget and also choose the type of accommodation you are interested in. You can always find accommodation as per your personal preference and have a nice time of it in HCMC.

Compare neighborhoods to find the best house for rent Ho Chi Minh City or apartment for rent Ho Chi Minh City.

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